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Agrobs Pre Alpin - "The foothills of the Alps in a feedbag"

Wonderful, unique, forage-based horse feed from the Bavarian Alps, Germany.


Free from cereal, soya, molasses, preservatives, binders, fillers, additives, pesticides, mould inhibitors and other chemicals. Agrobs Pre Alpin feeds are pure and natural, high in fibre, low in sugar, starch and protein but full of minerals and vitamins, nutritious and safe feeds for every horse and pony (and donkey!)


Horses love the fresh alpine meadow smell of Pre Alpin feeds which are also very palatable whilst being super-healthy! The product range provides for every need; competition horses, brood mares and youngsters, horses with EMS (insulin resistance), PPID (cushings), laminitis, respiratory problems, food sensitivities, those with poor dentition, older horses as well as those recovering from illness.


Every year, more horse owners are turning to forage-based rations - recognising that this is the better and naturally intelligent source of nutrition, without compromising on energy and performance levels. If I was a horse, I would definitely choose Agrobs!

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AlpenGrun Musli


It's not hard to see why horses absolutely love this product - It smells and tastes as good as it looks, simply heavenly! Highly nutritious - packed with vitamins. minerals and anti-oxidants for your horses health and vitality.


The base is Agrobs 60 grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps with the addition of the following ingredients:


Parsnip, carrot and beetroot which deliver highly digestible fibre, organically bonded minerals and vitamins as well as secondary plant nutrients.


Sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin pellets aid digestion and provides essential fatty acids


Vitamin rich apple pulp with its pectin content supports your horses intestinal flora.


Calendula and cornflower blossoms, rose hips, raspberry and blackberry leaves for added vitamins and nutrients.


100% pure and natural ingredients. Unique and complete feed!

AlpenGrun Mash


Gut problem - then keep it 'green'!


Alpengrun Mash (Gut Restorer) is a 100% pure and natural feed supplement for horses with gut issues and diarrhoea. Mash calms, soothes and settles the gut quickly.


The AlpenGrün Mash consists primarily of patented product called Prenatura®-Fibres,  comination of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs. Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura®-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestinal well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora.


Mash works on four fronts:

1. Prebiotic

2. High in anti-oxidants to boost immune system

3. High in natural raw fibre to lower production of gastic acid

4. Provides a high content of mucilage which has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa.


Winner of the Innovation Product of the Year in 2013 at Equitana!



At last a proper feed for horses and ponies who struggle with their weight and natives! It's an ideal feed for overweight horses and those with uncomplicated feeding needs as well as horses with low energy requirements.


LeichtGenuss is a very low calorie, low energy, low sugar and starch feed. This product allows you to give a proper feed ration in the bucket without worrying about the calories.


Gorgeous chaff made from wheat straw (not treated), green oat grass (not oats),

a mix of sunflower, floribunda rose, cornflower and hibiscus petals provide variety and deliver natural nutrients. Thanks to its tasty mix of fibres, LeichtGenuss will be a pleasure to eat.


  • Rich in fibre

  • Particularly tasty and filling, even in small rations

  • Extremely low starch and sugar content

  • Very low energy content

  • Free from molasses


Can be offered to all other horses as a tasty treat to enhance the daily feeding ration.

Pre Alpin Wiesencobs


A unique blend of 60 grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, creates the ultimate 100% natural high fibre cube - no additives, preservatives, binders or fillers!


Perfect basic feed for all horses - the careful production method preserves the integrity of the grasses and herbs thus retaining 86% of the nutrient value and therefore providing your horse with a totally natural product that is highly nutritious and low in sugar and starch.


  • Chopped fibres compressed into 18mm cob nuts

  • Low protein, sugar and starch

  • Perfect treat or training aid


Ideal for soaking and feeding to horses with poor teeth

Pre Alpin Senior


A highly palatable blend of 60 grasses and herbs from the alpine foothills of Bavaria with 2% cold pressed linseed. Just add water, leave for 5 minutes and feed as a mash - the oldies love this product, use warm water in the winter!


The 100% pure and natural feed is specially designed for veterans or horses with chewing difficulties. The chopped fibre length is 3-20mm and replicates the exact length that your horse would grind down and swallow and therefore eliminates choke.


Pre Alpin Senior can be used as a 100% forage replacer and will give the total raw fibre your horse requires to maintain good intestinal flora, digestion and condition.


Great for convalescing horses or after surgery, soft and easy to eat, naturally nutritious!

Pre Alpin Aspero


A heavenly blend of 60 grasses and herbs from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps lightly sprayed with cold pressed linseed (2% added) a free flow chop/chaff.


Ideal fibre length to promote chewing. salivation and digestion. The careful processing ensures the product is free of dust and mould and is a perfect chaff for all horses.


Aspero is nutrient rich and low in sugar and starch.


  • Ideal chop for all horses – add to feed to extend chewing time.

  • 100% or partial forage replacer

  • Substitute for concentrated grain/cereal feed

  • Suitable for horses with respiratory problems – product is free from dust and fungal spores

  • Suitable for horses with EMS ( insulin resistance ), PPID ( cushings ) and laminitics


100% pure and natural - Agrobs never use preservatives, additives , binders or fillers in their feed.

1582_luzerne agrobs 500 1583_futterabb_luzerne agrobs 400



Luzerne+ contains the ideal mix of Bavarian alfalfa (Luzerne) and green oats, combining the positive feed qualities of both plants.

By nature, alfalfa is the perfect provider of essential amino acids and minerals. Green oats, a grass species, are harvested shortly after blossoming – before starch is stored in the kernel. A great deal of positive qualities are attributed to green oats: they speed up metabolism, regulate digestion and strengthen the immune system.


A high quality and healthy energy source is particularly important, not only for sport horses and studs to ensure that required performance is met, but also for leisure horses with increased energy needs or horses at a certain stage in life that profit from the high quality plant fibers in Luzerne+.


Luzerne+, through its balanced mix of 4:1 (alfalfa/green oats), delivers high grade, warm-air dried raw fiber in chopped form. Luzerne+, when used as structured feed, can lower high cereal rations, satisfies greater need for high quality amino acids, e.g. in muscle-building phases. Luzerne+, thanks to its low starch and sugar content, is also suitable for sensitive horses and can be used as required in daily horse feed.


As a cereal substitute/supplement for:

Horses with digestion, starch or sugar problems

Nervous and temperamental horses

Slowing food intake for horses that eat too quickly



By arrangement from Soberton Heath, Hampshire.


1 - 3 sacks of Agrobs feed/ tubs of supplements/ Red Horse products up to 20 miles from Soberton Heath, Hampshire £8


4 or more sacks of feed/ tubs of supplements/ Red Horse products FREE delivery up to 20 miles from Soberton Heath, Hampshire.


8 or more sacks of feed/ tubs of supplements/ Red Horse products FREE delivery up to 30 miles from Soberton Heath, Hampshire.


Further distances by arrangement. Delivery charges may apply depending on order size.


Email or call Emma to place your order: or 07591 935651




You are welcome to come and collect your feed/ supplements if you prefer or only want one or two items or larger orders.


Please contact me in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time and to check I have what you want in stock. If not, I am happy to order it for you.



For more information on Agrobs Pre Alpin feeds in the UK, please go to


Wiesen Bussi (Meadow Kisses)

£4.25 (1kg bag) & £34.50 (10kg tub)


A delicious and healthy treat - your horse will love you for them!


Treats are like chocolates for horses and what would like be without chocolate?! It is important that treats are healthy too so they can be given without having to worry.


This is where WiesenBussi knocks the spots off other treats!


AGROBS WiesenBussi are cereal-free treats based on the trusted Pre Alpin dried green fibre. Selected ingredients such as warm air-dried grasses and herbs, root vegetables and fruit! There not only very tasty, but also very healthy!


AGROBS has paid particular attention to a low starch and sugar content ensuring that overweight horses or horses with metabolic problems can enjoy WiesenBussi too.


AGROBS WiesenBussi are suitable for all horses. The conscious lack of cereals and artifical additives guarantee a natural and appropriate treat.


  • rich in fibre

  • cereal free

  • molasses free

  • free from artificial additives

  • low in sugar and starch


Horses absolutely love them!

Great for positive reinforcement training or for just making life a little bit sweeter (whilst remaining healthy!)

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Zinc Pur

and beautiful, pure Bavarian Rock Salt all now in stock!!

Agrobs RR 1558_packshot_fs-wiesenflakes 1656_fetura Grunhafer Eimer_Naturminera new 250l Seniormineral1 Weidermineral-cobs

Pre Alpin Wiesenflakes


5 minute Fast-soak!

The digestive physiology of the horse is based on raw fibre and structure-rich nutrition as a herbivore. The construction and function of the digestive tract, as well as the rhythm of food intake, have remained the same despite domestication and the changed use of the horse. The small stomach of the horse is adjusted to a continuous intake of small amounts of feed. This is necessary not only for an undisturbed digestion, but also for the psyche and the well-being of the horse.


PRE ALPINE WIESENFLAKES is a new product from Agrobs, which is a high-quality, easy-to-feed roughage. The flaked form allows uncomplicated feeding, as an addition to the basic feed or on its own. Fast soaking is guaranteed, and older horses as well as horses with chewing or tooth problems can optimally cover their roughage requirements.


  • More than 60 different grasses and herbs

  • Optimal raw fiber supply

  • Rich in natural vitamins, trace elements and minerals

  • Free of molasses

  • No added essential oils or artificial flavours

  • Low in protein

  • Strength and fructan

  • Free from mold and dust

Agrob's Weidemineral cobs £22.99 (3Kg) & £49.99 (10Kg) are rich in vital minerals and trace elements, and in low-dose daily doses, they feed on feed-related supply gaps during the pasture period.


The demand for important trace elements such as selenium and zinc is usually not sufficiently covered by the grazing alone. This deficit can be effectively compensated for with Agrob's Weidemineral. The specially selected formula for the summer months with chlorella algae, maris, beetroot, hemp seed and kieseldeer provides important nutrients for the skin and coat and promotes the well-being of the horse.


Usage: For daily basic care with all important minerals and trace elements during pasture time.

Agrob's naturmineral £22.99 (3Kg) £49.99 (10Kg) is rich in vital minerals, vitamins and trace elements. With daily feeding it compensates for dietary deficits in small doses.


Important vitamins and trace elements such as vitamin E and selenium for muscle supply, brewer's yeast for a healthy intestinal flora, B vitamins, zinc and biotin for the supply of skin, coat and hoof horn are often not present in a normal hay grain feeding. These gaps can be effectively filled with Agrob's naturmineral, and an unfavorable calcium-phosphorus ratio in grain feeding can also be compensated for by a natural source of calcium, here sea algae.


High-quality oils such as blackcorn, sunflower and linseed oil provide valuable fatty acids and support the health of your horse.


Agrobs Natural Mineral is suitable for all horse breeds. The low starch and sugar content, as well as the deliberate abandonment of grain in the composition, also allows the feeding of natural minerals to sensitive horses which have, for example, metabolic problems or are prone to allergies.

Senior Mineral £24.99 (3Kg) £55.99 (10Kg) addresses the needs of senior horses. Old horses have a different mineral requirement than their young counterparts. This should be considered in their daily feed to ensure health, well-being and a good physical condition to old age.


The formulation of Seniormineral is based on the tried and tested AGROBS 'Trockengrün' fibers. Without the addition of grain and molasses, it fulfills all requirements for a proper and high-quality diet. In addition, seniormineral provides nutrients, such as amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C, which are optimal for the musculature and the immune system. Legnum, brewer's yeast and selected oils (sunflower, linseed oil) promote digestion and a beautiful hair care. The recipe is rounded off with fruit, vegetables and rose hip. Thus Seniormineral provides a valuable and healthy contribution to the well-being of the horse.


Suitable for all horse breeds, due to the low starch and sugar content as well as the absence of grain, the feed can also be used in sensitive animals, for example, which are prone to metabolic problems (Equine Cushing Syndrome, Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or allergies.

Fetura £16.50

A versatile meadow cob for pregnant or nursing mares, growing youngsters and as an additional ration for sport horses.


AGROBS FETURA consists of protein rich field herbs and grasses from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. The controlled integrated cultivation of the fields ensures an optimum supply of essential amino acids, natural B-carotene and vitamin E throught the year.


with over 60 different field grasses and herbs

high in B-carotene and vitamins

high in protein13%

high in natural trace elements

extra large cobs 18 mm diameter - we recommend soaking cobs to avoid choking. Do not feed dry to foals or young horses


Fetura gives foals and youngsters the right start with natural feeding from birth.


We recommend combining Fetura with our musli and Naturmineral for added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for increased vitality.

Grunhafer - Green Oats Chaff £17.99

Horses receiving cereal-containing concentrated feed are often oversupplied with strength. In this case, Grünhafer helps.

Grünhafer belongs to the genus of the grasses and is harvested shortly after flowering (before the starch is stored into the grain). This results in a low-strength starch feed which also has a high crude fibre content.


Many positive properties are attributed to green oats: it stimulates the metabolism, helps regulate digestion and strengthens the defenses. Grünhafer is characterised by a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio and provides a variety of natural vital substances.


Due to the gentle warm air drying of Agrobs, Grünhafer is not only free from molds and bacteria. It is also suitable for sensitive or allergic horses.

As a structural feed, Grünhafer evaluates the basic feed rate. The tasty fibers are especially liked to eat and promote a slow feed intake.


  • Raw fiber

  • Particularly tasty

  • Rich in natural vitamins and trace elements

  • Low starch and sugar content

  • Free of molasses