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Emma Simmons Emma Simmons is a horse healer and animal healer and communicator and the founder of Heart of the Herd Horse and Animal Healing offering healing for horses as well as healing with horses, which is sometimes known as healing through horses, this is also referred to as Equine Facilitated Learning or EFL or Equine Guided Healing healing horses, healing horses, horse healer, horses healing, natural horse healer, natural animal healer, shamanic healing, shamanic healing for animals, shamanic healing for horses, shamanic animal healing, animal shaman, horse shaman, spirit animals, power animals, holistic horse healer, holistic animal healer, healing for horses, healing with horses Hampshire with Emma Simmons is based in The Meon Valley in South Hampshire near the cities to of Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Chichester Emma’s work includes interspecies communication, horse healing, pet healing, animal healing, animal communication, animal reiki, energy medicine, energy medicine for animals, reiki for animals, reiki, equine reiki, reiki for pets, animal healer, learning from horses, horse whispering, horse whisperer, the horse as teacher, horse healer, animal healing, the horse as healer, horse healer, learning from horses, horse healer, Emma Simmons is an experienced animal healer and experienced horse healer and equine reiki master, reiki master for animals reiki for horses healing for horses and healing for pets and healing for animals is helpful in resolving trauma especially in animal rescue or rescued animals and horses, natural therapies for pets, holistic treatments for pets, holistic therapies for animals, dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, wild animals, exotic animals, ponies, donkeys, mules, healing for horses, healing for dogs,  animal chakras, pet whispering, healing for cats, healing for parrots, healing for rabbits, healing for wild animals, animal healer, healing for exotic animals, healing for rabbits, healing for ponies, healing for donkeys, healing for mules, healing for birds, healing for small furries, healing for small pets, healing for hamsters, horse healer, healing for animals, healing animals, healing dogs, healing cats, dog healer, cat healer,pet healing, natural healing for pets, healing, complementary medicine for animals, complementary medicine for horses, horse healer, complementary medicine, pet healing, pet healer, healing, dog, cat, horse, animal communication, horse healer, communicating with pets, communicating with dogs, communicating with cats ,communicating with horses, teaching an animal to trust, teaching a horse to trust, trust technique, psychic pets, pet psychic, animal psychic, hands-on healing for pets, hands-on healing for horses, faith healing for animals, faith healing for horses, horse healer, healing horses, healing for horses, faith healing for pets, horse faith healer, holistic pet healing, horse psychic, dog psychic, cat psychic, animal soul, do animals have souls, animal spirits, horse spirit, animal bereavement, loss of an animal, loss of a pet, pet loss, grief when a pet dies, grief when a horse dies, putting my horse to sleep, putting my dog to sleep, putting my cat to sleep, putting my pet to sleep, is it right to put an animal to sleep, support when an animal dies, euthanasia for horses, euthanasia for pets, euthanasia for dogs, euthanasia  for cats, unconditional love from animals, unconditional love for animals, feeling guilty about my pet, feeling guilty about my horse, fearing the loss of a pet, fearing the loss of a  horse, the impending loss of a pet, healing horses worldwide, distant healing for horses, distance healing for horses, healing with horses, healing through horses, healing with horses Hampshire, Equine Facilitated Learning, EFL Hampshire, trust through horses, the trust technique, Emma Dinnage, Emma Simmons, South Hampshire, Hampshire, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Heart of the Herd, healing with horses (EFL) and horse healing along with other animal healing and communication by Emma Simmons (née Dinnage)  in the Meon Valley which is convenient for Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester. Healing Horses - Heart of the Herd in south Hampshire offers Healing with horses (EFL) and horse healing, animal healing and communication with Emma Simmons in the Meon Valley which is convenient for Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester, covers Hampshire, London, Berkshire, Sussex, Surrey, Devon, animal healer travels through out UK and Europe and further by arrangement.

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