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Emma Simmons

On the night my beloved white Anglo Arab mare, Sky, passed away I had a dream of a beautiful winged, white horse of light - flying towards the setting sun - strong , powerful and free. ..


"Saphire Sky" had been part of our family for almost twenty years since the day we rescued her from the European horse slaughter route. We had grown extremely close towards the end of her life when her body finally gave way to cancer. Sky silently taught me how to give healing in a way far more humbling and profound than that of any human teacher - she taught me how to listen and how to just be quiet, still and present with horses.


Sky was and will always be my greatest teacher, friend and guide. I remember her warm, wise and white velvet presence beside me when I am around horses. I know that she together with our other horses who have passed on - Barney, Shami, Tego, Amber amd Spirit - guide me when I give healing.


Sky has returned to the true Heart of the Herd; the ultimate and infinite herd of Spirit in the unseen world. May she gallop and fly at the speed of light through the Elysian Fields with her fellows and soul mates as they soar into eternal freedom, peace, love and light. Though I will always love her, I have set her free to move on in spirit and follow her own path. The saying "If you truly love something, set it free" has always given me great strength, encouragement and courage to let go and let love.


I wanted to create a logo which honoured both Sky and my dream and also held the essence of 'horse magic' - Pegasus, The Unicorns and the great collective equine heart and mind. When Kim McElroy offered to customise her awesome creation of The Messenger, I knew my prayers had been answered. By creating and adding amazing angel wings, a starburst of light from the heart and light pouring in through the crown, Flight to Freedom was born.


I chose this name partly as it describes the energy of Sky's - and every soul's - transition to the next life and also as it is the name of a poem by the the Sufi poet, Rumi, which brought me great peace around the time of Sky's passing. It reminded me that death and grief are two very different things.


Flight to Freedom

My love, my heart

Let this time of parting be sweet

Let it not be a death, but completeness


Let your love melt into memory

And your pain into songs

Let your flight through the sky

Begin with the unfolding of wings


Let the last touch of your hands

Be gentle like the flower of the night

Stand still, oh beautiful love for a moment

And say your last words in silence

I bow to you and hold up my candle

To give light to you...on your flight to freedom

~ Rumi/Tagore

















Thank you Sky for letting me be your human - it was an honour to know you, to care for you and to learn from you.


I hope when things became difficult for you towards the end that you felt my intention to protect your pride as the strong alpha mare you were. I did my best to preserve your dignity and modesty and the day you looked me in the eye and let me know that you were ready to leave was one of the most profound days of my life.


Being at your side when you passed away and 'went home' was the greatest honour I have ever had. I will always remember your beautiful face and your amazing expressive eyes that spoke straight to my soul.


My healing work is your legacy. You were and always will be my greatest teacher and queen of my heart ~


I love you, Emma x  


....and thank you, Kim, for giving my vision wings...

"The Messenger" by Kim McElroy

"The Messenger"


..began as a creation of a dream horse, but the painting felt very profound to me as I created it. I was inspired to add wings and deep purple - which I later learned is the color of intuition. I believe that "The Messenger" is a powerful spirit guide and totem for anyone who wishes to connect with the part of themselves that is horse-like, and a beautiful symbol for our true creative and intuitive nature. ~ Kim McElroy

Kim McElroy and Darma

KIM McELROY is renowned for her equine art.  For over two decades her pastels have graced popular greeting cards and collectibles, pastel originals and fine art prints. Her visions of horses portray the power and beauty of the horse's form and offer us a timeless glimpse of its soul.  Kim is also a gifted writer, and has an intuitive understanding of the sentience of horses.  The horse is her muse, and she is always seeking new ways of expressing elements of the horse’s spirit in a quest to awaken humanity to their healing gifts.


Kim has pursued many avenues of personal growth and healing work.  Her studies with Linda Kohanov evolved into their co-creation of the Way of the Horse Book and Card Set, and subsequently the inspirations for her poetic writings in the Way of the Horse Journal.  


Kim lives on a farm with her husband Rod, six horses and a menagerie of creatures in Kingston, Washington


Kim’s art and gifts website is 

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Kim  McElroy

PO Box 1250

Kingston Washington 98346 USA

"Moonlight" by Kim McElroy

"Moonlight" captures the mystery of the horse in the silent stillness of night. The warmth of the horse rises to mingle with the steam of his breath in the cool night air. This painting offers a unique experience of the meditative and wise presence of the horse at peace with his own thoughts.

"Bella's Song" by Kim McElroy

"Bella's Song"


Bella was a beautiful mare who left this earth much too soon.   She touched her owner's hearts so deeply in the two years they had her, that they commissioned me to create a portrait of her that would celebrate her unique spirit.   Bella's registered name was “Ka Bo's Butterfly”.  Synchonicity told me there was meaning behind this symbol, so I depicted a butterfly in her portrait, named "Bella's Song".  


Not long afterward, Bella's spirit returned in a new filly they found... named Diva.

Sky's spirit

Kim’s website Spirit of Horse Gallery ~ features over 300 of her creations as art prints and unique gifts, books, and journals. In her quest to understand horse and human nature – Kim has pursued many avenues of personal growth and healing work.  She offers custom Way of the Horse card readings, and collaborates with teachers offering Equine Guided Personal Growth workshops among other offerings.  


Kim is the co-creator of the book and card set Way of the Horse –Equine Archetypes for Self Discovery, written by author and Epona founder Linda Kohanov. Kim also is the author and illustrator of the Way of the Horse Journal, a guided journal for horse inspired writing and drawing. Kim’s artwork and interview are also featured in the powerful documentary the Path of the Horse dvd by Stormy May.

"Flight to Freedom" By Kim McElroy in Loving Memory of Sky

who is the true Heart of the Herd.

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Guardian Spirits by Kim McElroy

"Guardian Spirits" by Kim Mc Elroy

The Legend

"The Legend"


"The magic of the moon and the stars in the sky spoke to him. Let your mares run. Let them keep running into the night mist beyond the cliff and we will carry them up into the stars. They will live in our sky  where man can only dream of the capture."


~ Dawn Van Zant


Many people have their own interpretations of the symbolic meanings of these horses ascending to the moon.  It is one of my favorite paintings, and a vision which I feel truly captures the mystical heritage

of these magnificent beings - Kim Mc Elroy

The great mare in the clouds sends three sky spirits to lead the herd.."Sometimes they suddenly start racing... a thudding stampede for no reason, unless it is ghosts." ~ Monica Dickens


In the clouds, the spirit of a lead mare watches over the herd as she sends guardian spirits to lead them to safety. The stallion lingers for a moment, illuminated by the mare's sunlit gaze.  This painting was originally created for a series of four tiles.

"Flight to Freedom" is an adaptation of "The Messenger" by Kim McElroy. It honours the life and spirit of Sky, my beloved white Anglo Arab, and carries the message of hope and healing for all horses around the world.